Here’s what our students say about Happy Happy English
(Translated in English language)

pic1Chin Nam sir is a very good teacher. I can’t forget in my life. Chin Nam teacher is superior. He teaches very well and is superb. The PowerPoint presentation, the laptop and recording language used to teach us are excellent. The method is very very very very good. Easy learning. Goducate is a life achievement program. If you want to achieve something in life and want to feel good about it you should join Happy Happy English. I request all to join HHE.

- Yesudhas Vinoj, Electrician /Level 3 class

pic2My teacher is a Chinese. He is very good and always tries his best to educate us. The facilitators are of different nationalities and they help us a lot. The teachers here always adopt an easy simple method to teach us so that we can understand and learn easily.

- Ahamed Mohammad Rasel, Pipe Fitter /Level 3 class

pic3The English class is very good and it’s easy for me to understand. The topics are all useful. I like the job related topics.

- Gurusamy Ganesamoorthy, Construction Worker /Level 2 class

pic4All teachers here have helped me a lot. But ma’am Shermeen, ma’am Amanda, and ma’am Xiu have helped me most. Even ma’am Jena and Sir Ivan have helped me a lot. They used a variety of methods that helped us learn English. Teaching methods used are very personalized. About graduation: Last Saturday evening was the most memorable and most significant moments in my life. HHE all teachers and instructors are very good. Every moment I feel them.

- Ahamed Sajib, Aircon-ducting Worker /Level 2 class

pic5The lessons are useful. I can use at the workplace. The teacher and facilitators are very good. They taught us patiently.

- Xiang Gao Feng, Basic Level class

pic6I regret that I didn’t learn English well during my school days. Now there is opportunity for me to recover lost time. Teachers and facilitators are warm and kind. They are very diligent in teaching. Thank you for sacrificing your rest time to teach us.

- Wan Ying Tao, Basic Level class

pic7Teacher / facilitators are nice. Singaporeans are nice. Thank you for your sacrificial service! We ought to thank teacher, I wish to say tonight is our happiest day because in a foreign country and teacher and friends enable our lonely hearts no longer feel cold, enable the timid us to slowly become cheerful, enable little knowledge to slowly enrich, to experience love. We feel warmth, selfless friendship, love and happiness. Perhaps because living in a developed country, perhaps because of your beliefs in your lives, perhaps it is your character. Teacher you are awesome. I want to thank all of you. You deserve our respect.

- Bian Wei /Basic level class

pic8Living in a foreign land, teacher Terri allows me to fill the warmth of a big family. She helped me no longer feel dull living in Singapore, found my past confidence, let us have a chance to walk up the stage to portray another aspect of me. I also wish to thank every teacher from HHE for teaching me English. Tonight I felt extremely happy as people from Bangladesh, India and us were able to perform skit together and sing together. It is like a harmony and big family. This is the brightest and happiest moment during my stay in Singapore. Knowing the teachers in HHE is also the most precious achievement I had staying in Singapore. Now the only reason staying in Singapore is to hope to return from you all how to be human and able to speak English fluently. It is also something I can depend on. Even in the future I return to my home town I hope we still can keep in touch. We are good friends.

- Yang Ming /Basic level class