National Day Tribute to 4000 migrant workers/residents@Westlite Woodlands (6 August 2017)

For this massive event, residents enjoy the following Freebies:

  • Curry Chicken and Rice for more than 4000 migrant workers.
  • Pringles chips – 4000 cans
  • Ben & Jerry’s - 2,000 scoops of ice-cream.
  • 1,000 bowls of vegetarian curry with French Toast
  • Pezzo - 50 pizzas.
  • Can drinks – 4400 cans
  • Health Talks, Work Safety Workshop
  • Funs and Games by local students and youths from JCs and Universities etc
  • Soaps – 1000 bars

Paying tribute to Westlite Residents @ Jalan Papan (30 April 2017)

Over at the Westlite Papan dormitory in Jalan Papan, a group of 5,000 migrant workers was treated to a feast of local delights such as curry chicken and satay yesterday. Organised by accommodation provider Centurion and non-profit groups Project Chulia Street and HealthServe, the event included games, free check-ups and a health talk…




‘Mr Muthukaruppan Muneeswaran (far right), a 20-year-old process maintenance and construction worker from India, was among 5,000 migrant workers who played games and feasted on local delights at an event organised at the Westlite Papan dormitory in Jalan Papan yesterday.ST PHOTO: DESMOND WEE’